Cycle-Lane Network in Seville

Did you know that the Cycle-Lane Network in Seville is absolutely exemplary? In fact, its kilometer-long route and its safety make the Andalusian capital a true paradise for cyclists.

Seville is one of the Spanish cities most committed to promoting cycling. What’s more, its propitious orography and climate are joined by one of the best bike lanes in our country.

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6 Data About The Cycle-Lane Network in Seville 

  1. Currently, the Seville bike lane is 180 km long. This makes it the third Spanish city with the longest urban cycle path, only surpassed by Barcelona (209 km) and Madrid (195 km). Why don’t you take advantage of it with this bike rental service?
  2. According to the Copenhagenize Index 2013 report, Seville holds fourth place among the best cities in the world for cycling.
  3. With the creation of the bike lane, cycling in Seville increased considerably, going from 0.6% (12,000 users) to 9% (70,000 users). This means that, in just 4 years, the number of cyclists has increased by 58,000 people.
  4. The current Cycle-Lane Network in Seville is the result of the ambitious expansion of the existing route. It took place between 2003 and 2007, having invested 35 million euros to achieve it.
  5. The Sevillian cycle lane has 8 lines that connect the peripheral neighborhoods with the historic center. Some of its main itineraries are: Pino Montano – Los Gordales, Ronda Norte – Puente de las Delicias and Macarena – Heliopolis.
  6. The Andalusian capital has more than 5,000 bicycle parking spaces, a figure that, on the other hand, increases year after year.

A Bike-Lane That Takes Cycling In Seville To The Next Level

All cycling fans know how beneficial cycle paths are when it comes to making our journeys more comfortable and safe. At this point, the capital of Seville can boast of having a bike lane capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding cyclists. 

Seville is the city with the safest bike lane according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). His report reaches this conclusion after analyzing the quality of urban cycle paths in 11 Spanish cities. This document highlights the safety, easy identification and interconnection of the Sevillian cycling route. Imagine the joy of touring it on our bike tour!

Cycle-Lane Network in Seville: A Project In Constant Improvement

The good news for cycling fans in Seville does not end with everything we have just told you about the bike lane. Certainly, the 2030 Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan aims to further strengthen it

The actions foreseen in the Mobility Plan are the increase in kilometers and parking lots and the improvement of the existing sections. The City Council hopes that many of these requirements will be met by December 2023. 

Truly, Seville has plenty of reasons to bet heavily on its cycle path. After all, expanding and improving its layout provides a fun, healthy and sustainable way to visit this city. You have to try it! 

In short, if you are an inveterate lover of cycling, you should take advantage of the excellent Cycle-Lane Network in SevilleDownload the map and get ready to make the most of it.

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