Best Day Trips from Seville

Córdoba, Doñana National Park, Gibraltar… You can do many day trips from Seville! They will allow you to discover corners full of charm that will captivate you with their indisputable beauty.

An impressive monumental heritage and many activities make Seville a true paradise for travelers. In addition, in its surroundings there are tourist attractions such as the Alhambra in Granada or the Mosque of Córdoba. You can not miss it!

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7 Day Trips From Seville To Take Your Trip To The Next Level 

Day trips from Seville are your best option when it comes to getting to know the towns near the Andalusian capital. In addition, as round trips on the same day, you will not need to reserve accommodation to make them. Do you sign up?

1. Excursion to Doñana National Park from Seville

donana natural park spain
Doñana Natural Park

Whether on horseback or by 4×4, a visit to Doñana National Park is one of the day trips from Seville most popular. Not surprisingly, this natural area is only 35.8 km from the capital of Seville.

The excursion to the Doñana National Park from Seville will allow you to get to know a natural space of 122,487 ha of immense value. In fact, it is populated by more than 1,300 types of plants and 120 animal species, which makes it the most important nature reserve in the entire European continent. It was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994!

The enormous extension of Doñana makes it a rich mosaic of ecosystems, so you can admire an enormous natural diversity in one place. In particular, we can highlight the following places of interest:

  • La Dehesa de Abajo: this natural space will delight any lover of ornithology, being able to see hundreds of different birds.
  • The village of El Rocío: one of the most famous and intense religious events in the world takes place here.
  • The Doñana beach: if weather allows it, you can bathe in the crystal clear waters of this virginal spot.
  • The northern area of ​​Doñana: this area is inhabited by some of the most fascinating animals in the natural park, among which the Iberian lynx stands out.

2. Córdoba: One of the Best Day Trips from Seville

cordoba mosque andalucia spain
Cordoba Mosque

The city of Córdoba (119.75 km from the Andalusian capital) is an unmissable tourist destination due to the great cultural legacy left by the Jewish, Arab and Christian cultures. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended day trips from Seville.

  • Ancient Rome, the Spain of the Three Cultures, the Reconquest… Truly, strolling through the streets of Cordoba is like traveling back in time. A good example of this is provided by some emblematic monuments such as the famous Mosque of Córdoba, the Jewish quarter or the Roman bridge.
  • One of the most typical things of this Andalusian region are the patios of the Cordovan houses. Full of flowers and covered with tiles, they constitute corners of enormous beauty that are worth visiting.
  • Carmona is one of the so-called Andalusian White Towns that is less than 1 hour from Córdoba. Its numerous religious buildings, its emblazoned houses and, above all, its Roman archaeological sites do not make it a town of great tourist value.

3. Day Trip from Seville to Ronda (Málaga)

ronda andalucia spain

Certainly, there is no better way to get to know the famous Andalusian White Villages than to take a day trip from Seville to Ronda. Moreover, the route between the two Andalusian cities is dotted with some of the most beautiful villages in all of Andalusia.

This day trip from Seville runs through several Pueblos Blancos (so called because of the whitewashed walls of their houses), which represent the very essence of Andalusia. Its winding streets are home to beautiful corners and all kinds of historical remains, which, together with the charm of its people, makes them absolutely irresistible.

  • El Coronil (Seville). One of its most important monuments is the Aguzaderas castle (14th century): an imposing fortress made up of six towers that was created to defend a water spring.
  • Zahara de la Sierra (Cadiz). This mountain town still preserves numerous monuments from the mozarabic era (such as the castle or the keep). You can also discover all the secrets of olive oil in one of its traditional almazaras.
  • Grazalema (Cadiz). This municipality is the most mountainous and elevated in Andalusia. In addition to admiring the Roman and Muslim remains, it is ideal for getting to know the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.
  • Ronda (Malaga). Touring the Alameda del Tajo, admiring the amazing New Bridge or visiting the famous bullfighting arena are just some of the pleasant activities that await you in this interesting town.

4. One Day Excursion from Seville to Caminito del Rey (Málaga)

caminito del rey andalucia spain
Caminito del Rey

When it comes to day trips from Seville aimed at hiking lovers, the Caminito del Rey one shines with its own light. Nestled in the Malaga town of Ardales (150 km from the Andalusian capital), it is one of the most famous hiking routes in all of Europe.

The Caminito del Rey is a non-circular path of approximately 8 km that was built in 1901 to link the El Chorro dam with the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir. The fact of being located in the natural setting of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gives it a rich biodiversity capable of making your journey unforgettable.

The steep orography and the passage of time made this trail one of the most dangerous hiking routes in the world according to National Geographic. Fortunately, between 2014 and 2015 it was restored in order to reinforce its security.

Walking along the wooden walkway that rises above the Gaitanejo gorge, resting in the idyllic Hoyo valley, admiring the views from the Tajo de las Palomas, discovering the hidden cave of the bull… The truth is that following this hiking route is an experience that you cannot miss.

5. Gibraltar: One of the Most unique Day Trips from Seville


Located 198 km from Seville and only 14 km from Africa is the British colony of Gibraltar. It is well known for its historical peculiarity and for its great commercial importance, so it is well worth a visit from Seville. It’s enough a day trip to Gibraltar from Seville to discover everything “The Rock” has to offer. After all, the surface of the Rock is only 6.8 km2, although it has tourist attractions for all tastes:

  • Nature: in addition to being the only corner of Europe where monkeys live in freedom, the Rock has a landscape of great beauty (such as the Cuevas de San Miguel and Strait of Gibraltar).
  • Culture: Among its main monuments are the Columns of Hercules and the great siege tunnels (both from the 18th century). 
  • Shopping: thanks to its privileged tax system, the many shops on the popular Main Street offer a wide variety of items at very cheap prices (jewelry, watches, tobacco, perfume, liquor, etc.).

6. Day Trip from Seville to Tangier (Morocco)

tangier morocco
Tangier (Morocco)

Did you know that you can also make day trips from Seville to the African continent? The visit to the Moroccan city of Tangier (245.4 km away) is an excellent example of this. It is not surprising that famous painters such as Delacroix or Matisse were inspired by strolling through its streets!

Located in the north of Morocco and only 14 km from Europe, the city of Tangier radiates a powerful magnetism. In fact, here you can live unforgettable experiences such as riding a camel, buying souvenirs in the souk or savoring such delicious dishes as couscous or tagine. You can even see cetaceans while traveling on the ferry that leaves from Tarifa!

The day trip from Seville to Tangier offers a magnificent opportunity to discover the great monumental legacy of this Moroccan city. 

  • Hercules Cave. Its geological value and its strong mythological content make this place a must-see. From here you can contemplate an unbeatable view of the Mediterranean.
  • Sultan’s Palace (Dar al-Makhzen). Pasha Ahmed ben Ali al-Rifi ordered the construction of this beautiful building in the 18th century. Special mention deserves its garden, its patios and its battlemented façade. In it are the museums of Moroccan arts and antiquities.
  • Medina. This picturesque neighborhood is home to the most authentic Tangier. The colorful facades, the traditional markets and the Kasbah are some of its main charms.

7. One Day Excursion from Seville to Granada

alhambra granada andalucia spain
Alhambra of Granada

Taking a day trip from Seville to Granada (250 km away) is all you need to get to know the Alhambra. The great beauty of this monumental complex has led it to inspire a multitude of musical, literary, cinematographic and television works.

The Alhambra, the highest expression of Andalusian art, is a set of palaces, gardens and fortresses built almost eight centuries ago. Its harmonious integration with nature and its artistic uniqueness constitute its main hallmarks. 

On this day trip from Seville to the Alhambra you will be able to discover absolutely everything that makes it so special:

  • Nasrid Palaces: the Mexuar, the Comares Palace and the Palace of the Lions were used by the Catholic Monarchs during their stays in Granada .
  • Alcazaba: it is the wall that surrounds this palace complex. Among its most important towers are the Vela and the Homage.
  • Patio de los Leones: without doubt, this is the most representative corner of the Alhambra in Granada.
  • Palacio de Carlos V: its construction took almost a century and is notable for its architectural eclecticism. 
  • Generalife Gardens: they were used as a port and recreation area for the Nasrid royal family.

No day trip from Seville to the Alhambra would be complete without visiting the main neighborhoods of Granada: the Albaicin and Sacromonte. In them you can visit Hammams (Arab baths), cave houses and numerous churches. Strolling through the Nasrid capital will also give you the perfect excuse to taste its exquisite tapas (such as the Sacromonte omelet or the sardine moraga.

This is just a small sample of all the day trips from Seville that you can do. Other interesting destinations are Jerez (Cádiz), the Cave of Wonders (Sierra de Aracena), Carmona and Itálica. In addition, you can spice up your trip with a wide range of activities (such as kayaking along the Guadalquivir, visiting an oil mill or a bull ranch). Find out more about these trips and experiences by visiting the Exprilo Tours website!

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